1876 – 1883
Sacred Heart Home

First Motherhouse Avilla, Indiana

After arriving in America, the Thomas Storey farm, near Avilla, Indiana was purchased for $12,000 in June 1876.  This became the first Motherhouse in United States and it was remodeled with the addition of a chapel and enlarged to accommodate those who would be arriving from Europe in August.  Place was also provided for a number of elderly persons who wished to make their home with the Sisters. October 20, 1876, Reverend Dominic Duehmig offered the holy sacrifice of the Mass for the first time in the new Chapel.  The solemn dedication of the new chapel took place on November 1876. 

This “Original Chapel” was moved to the present Motherhouse grounds St. Francis Woods, Frankfort, Illinois and was rededicated on July 14, 1979.